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Give a donation if you like javaDaw. With a donation you support the development of javaDaw and other FREE music applications for Windows and Mac, especially for visual impaired musicians. You also support the development of music applications and VST plugins with plain java which has many advantages if compared to C++ applications. This means more instruments, extended features, larger record buffers and a better performance.

We aboslutely need your support and feedback !!

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javaDaw 5.3.0 Free

JavaDAW is the first succesful music sequencer (vsthost) or DAW completely build in java. JavaDAW can be installed on a Windows machine or on a Mac. All the necessary files to run javaDAW are available in the .rar file. JavaDaw creates a javadaw home in your $USER_HOME directory with Projects, Export, Resources and Backup sub-directories. Download the Instruments and place them in the Resource directory.

JavaDAW will only work with the java 32 or 64 bit JRE installed (1.7 or 1.8). To be downloaded from : Oracle (java JRE). The installed JRE determines which javaDAW version should be used (32 or 64 bit version). The wrapper will search for a valid JRE install. Do not mix 32 bit and 64 bit plugins in the VST folder. Best practice is to create a separate folder for the 32 bit plugins and a seperate folder for the 64 bit plugins.

(!) Be sure to install the java JRE under C:\Programs Files (64 bit) or under C:\Program Files (x86) (32 bit).

(!) A new piano native plugin is available now. Download the Piano.rar resources and place the directory under /Resources/Piano..... Rescan the plugins to see the plugin in the pluginlist.

(!) All libraries are in the .rar (Windows) and the .zip (OSX) file. For OSX put the libraries in /System/Library/Java/Extensions. For Windows leave them in the javadaw directoy or put them in System32....

javaDAW is FREE software and personal use is allowed. JavaDAW may not be used for commercial purposes without written permission of the owner (see e-mail adress below). The use of javaDaw is without any warranty! Be aware of the fact that the OSX version is somewhat behind compared to the development of the Windows version.


That is All.....Start making music.

Do not forget to give feedback...and read the HELP file for important info!

Download javaDAW EXE file for Windows (32/64 bit) : javadaw.rar
Download javaDAW APP file for OSX with FROG audio (64 bit) :
Download javaDAW APP file for OSX with JACK audio(64 bit) :
Download Instruments resources: instruments (wav, midi files)

jDrum 1.1 Free

jDrum Plus v 1.1 for Windows (new release 1-12-2015)


jDrum VIP v 1.1 for Windows (new release 1-12-2015)


jDrum Plus is a software drum sequencer specially designed for Virtual Impaired Musicians. jDrum Plus is the regular verion.
jDrum Plus is fully controlled by the keyboard and does not require mouse commands.
jDrum will only work with a java JRE installed. The JAR file will run on W7/8, OSX and Linux.

Download jDrum Plus EXE : jdrumplus.rar
Download jDrum VIP EXE : jdrumvip.rar

Download jDrum Plus JAR : jdrumplus.jar
Download jDrum VIP JAR : jdrumvip.jar

Download Instruments : Instruments (wav files)

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